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Prepare the Way for Your Blessing

2018 has embarked upon us quickly. What’s will happen this year? It’s hard to tell, but with faith
we’ll make it through. 2017 presented numerous surprises; some good and some catastrophic. If you experienced situations that threatened to change your perception about God and the outcome of your life, you were also most likely surprised that you made it through those obstacles. If some of those challenges came with you into 2018, you still have the opportunity to improve your life. If you’ve accomplish a portion of your goals or changed your behavior in some positive way during 2017, that’s great, but don’t stop there, keep aiming higher.

You may have received a word of prophecy from someone regarding the blessings God has in store for your future. Excitement may have filled your mind throughout that day and the days that followed. However, as time passed, you may have forgotten what was spoken to you because of challenges that were sent to distract you. You might have also thought t…

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