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Are You a Victim or The Cause of Terror?

There have been numerous stories about bullying discussed on the news whether victims have been
tortured in school, on social media, in neighborhoods, or at work. The effects of these incidents torture victims a long time after the devastating bullying has occurred.  If you’ve experienced any type of abuse, you’re probably still recovering from emotional pain you wish others could see so they can help you. Despite your frustration, your existence is indicative of your ability to push through mental and emotional pain.

You may be thinking that I don’t know how much pain you’re in, or how bad the memories hurt. Well, I may not know exactly your level of pain, but I have experienced situations that have caused mental anguish and emotional distress because of betrayal or misuse of my kindness. I have often wondered if being kind is the right thing to do especially when those you have been kind and loyal to take advantage of you. Sometimes it seems sowing good seeds requires more of your…

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