Five Tips for Planning and Achieving Your Goals

Are you have a hard time achieving your goals? Perhaps you've started out with a plan but somehow became distracted with the demands of a career, family or some other situation that is lasting longer than you expected. Well, regardless of your circumstance, you can still have an awesome life. Listed below are five strategies you can use to accomplish every goal you have desired to achieve.

Write a Detailed Goal Description

Typically when someone is asked about their goals, generalized statements are given such as I want to become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, fitness instructor, entrepreneur and so on. While the statements sound good, the process of achieving these goals can seem daunting especially if you don't have a team of supporters cheering you on. The best way to begin pursuing your goals is to write down the steps involved in each goal such as filling out a college application, paying the fee, and submitting the application. Once your are accepted, move toward registration and class attendance. Focusing on the small steps will reduce the stress associated with looking at the entire process.

Conserve Time

We all are busy these days and while some responsibilities must take precedence over others, there is a way you can work toward meeting your goals amidst the hectic schedules. While we all desire to meet our goals immediately, the process can sometimes take longer. However, each goal whether short term or long term can be met with discipline. If you can't spend six to eight hours working on a goal each day, begin working on one or two your goals 15, 30 or 60 minutes a day. Although this strategy may seem minute, at the end of the week you will see how much you have accomplished. This strategy can help you avoid burnout, discontent, and the temptation to quit.

Set a Deadline

Most people are used to meeting a deadline for projects that must be completed for school or for work. However, in order for you to meet your personal goals, you must set a timeline as well. While it's easy for us to meet deadlines for others who we want to impress, it's not always easy to meet our personal deadlines. This is probably due to lack of self confidence especially if a goal is something that your peers are not striving for.  Searching for approval can be a bigger obstacle than performing mundane routines. Sometimes in order to be the person you want to be you may have to risk lack of approval until you achieve your goal. If you don't step out to see what you can accomplish, you'll never know what you could have become.

Set Personal Boundaries

The process of setting personal boundaries can be difficult especially when others rely on you for so much. These people can be your family, friends, and others to whom you have dedicated a considerable amount of time helping or who want to spend time with you. However, if you're not careful the people you care about the most can distract you to the point where you'll find yourself months behind in your goal work. You must be determined to carve out as much time as possible for your goal agenda. If prior to your goal achievement venture, others have not taken you seriously, it's quite easy for them to assume that you're not doing anything important.

You have to recognize the signs early otherwise you will become resentful to their disregard of your time. I'm not saying that you have to brush them off, but just let them know in a kind way that you have to finish a project or have a deadline to meet. What's important to you may not be important to everyone else, but it's your goals that are stake. You don't want years to go by without being able to look back and say you did accomplish something whether it's learning how to crochet, play golf or a musical instrument. When you value your time others will recognize the boundaries you have set and will value your time as well.

Keep Track of Your Progress

After writing down your goals, it's important to keep a record of your accomplishments. By doing so, you can review your growth and encourage yourself to keep moving forward. If you don't have someone to motivate you during each goal phase, become your own goal coach. You can also read inspirational books such as Personal Goal Atlas Journal Guide to help you remain focus on your goal journey.