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Awake, Awake; Put On Thy Strength O Zion;

The challenges of life can appear to be tailor-made especially when you do not know anyone within your social realm who has encountered similar circumstances. There are a number of catastrophic emotional and physical events which may occur simultaneously that can push the mind into isolation. Lack of trust, rejection, and fear will at times accompany the feeling that no one cares about you. While it may be true that no one you know personally has gone through the same troubles you are currently facing, there are those who have endured and conquered many challenges before you were born.

A Historical View of an Unsung Bible Hero's Triumph

Throughout history a lot of attention has been directed toward the lives of well-known Biblical heroes who have conquered and acquired the most. Popular names can be easily remembered when someone mentions their names such as King David, Samson, Moses, or Joshua. However, there was one hero named Jephthah who did not gain the same level of recognition as the aforementioned legends.

Jephthah's life seemed doomed from the start. Born to a prostitute mother and an emotionally distant father, Jephthah experienced rejection and abandonment to the fullest extent. While living in his father's home, his stepbrothers were not receptive to the concept of having a blended family and felt compelled to throw him out of their father's house.  However, during the process of time, he was able to succeed beyond the negative stigmas he received as a child. After being exiled from his father's home, his strength and popularity increased.  Seeing how Jephthah survived his childhood, his family's rejection of him turned into reliance on him for their defense on the battlefield.

A Challenge to Wake Up the Champion in You

In A Summons for Champion Strength, The Legacy of an Unsung Bible Hero, a unique illustration is given as S. R. Sinclair shares personal testimonies, highlights Jephthah's struggles, and provides scriptural references as a way to broaden your perspective on how to overcome challenges which seem to be permanent. Application tools are provided to guide you in increasing your spiritual, mental, and emotional strength. A daily scripture fitness plan and champion record templates are also provided to document your personal victories. You will be inspired to move beyond emotional destitution and encouraged to occupy a new role as one of God's outstanding champions.

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